Winter Garden Systems
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Motorized Glass Systems
Sliding Glass Systems

Winter Garden Systems

An incredible change awaits you where you apply the Winter Garden. With the implementation of this structure, you will see that your location has changed and improved greatly. The places where this structure is applied will both become more beautiful in terms of design and can give you many different things. Thanks to this structure, you have the opportunity to feel the beauty of the seasons fully.

The ceiling is manufactured with “Double-Glazing” or “Polycarbonate” panels.

It can be established both as an extension of your house or in your garden, as an independent structure standing on its own feet.

With their opaque and semi- opaque surfaces, the double glazing and polycarbonate panels that make up the ceiling concept inte- grate you with the environment and provides you a delighting living space.

With the side window and door systems that will be integrated into the product, Winter Garden can be arranged as a complete winter garden as well.

In addition to that, with Winter Garden Systems, an unlimited number of your living area requirements like veranda, car park area and hobby house will be satisfied.

Motorized Glass Systems

Motorized Glass Systems (Movable Handrail) is used in many ways, additional to pergola systems or alone for openings. It is more useful than other systems. It is designed to turn indoor space into open space with just one touch of a button. The system is opened and closed by moving up and down. It is insulated with 3 wings and has single glass options. One wing is fixed and the other two moves. You can stop the moving wings at any time. You can open either half or full. The system can optionally be gathered both above and below. When it is closed, it will never leak water and air. It gives near perfect results with insulated glass. It adapts to any environment with its modern and elegant appearance. CONREQ Motorized Glass Systems (Moving Handrail System) is the quietest system compared to its rivals. The reason for this is the belt and toothed system we have designed specially. Above the system, the engine compartment is located inside the box we designed specially from aluminum profiles. If desired, it can be easily disassembled and taken care of by removing only the engine box cover without removing the system.

  • The paint used in all aluminum profile parts of the system is fingerprint-free and stain-resistant paint.

  • Channels where there is no movement in the side strut profiles are closed with specially designed aesthetic cover profiles. In addition, all the connection details of the panels are made invisible by making a hidden connection.

  • Vertical and horizontal profiles are minimized, transparency level of the system is increased and maximum panoramic view is provided.

  • Thanks to radio frequency technology, fully automatic system that can control all functions of the system with a single remote control.

  • Thanks to the split side strut profile and independent motor box, the assembly of the entire system is very easy. When it is necessary to service, without interrupting the system completely, only the required places can be intervened as desired.

  • It guarantees silent and comfortable movement. The wheels placed on the edges of the panels move in the wheel channels on the rails, allowing the system to move in a balanced way. 

  • The Remote Controlled Motorized Glass Systems is ideal for restaurant, terrace, patio, backyard and interior partitioning. Motorized wings can be controlled by both control panel and remote control. Thanks to the aluminum profiles with heat insulation and double glazed glasses, when the wings are completely closed, heat, air and sound insulation is provided.

Sliding Glass Systems

Smart solutions could be added to pergola systems or to existing opening.

It comes with single glass 10 mm tempered or insulated glass 4+12+4 mm.

The paint used in all aluminum profile parts of the system is fingerprint-free and stain-resistant paint.